disk in pool but 'not added' cannot remove due to unknown error RRS feed

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  • Hi everyone,

    I have been running my whs for half a year, struggled with it in the beginning, but finally had it running smoothly.
    A month ago by backup disk started failing and my server responded very slowly so I thought I'd buy a new drive and replace it.
    The backups taken weren't that important that I couldn't back them up somewhere else.
    For the moment I'm running a server that cannot back anything up, and there is a disk that I can't replace.
    I keep getting 'unknown error occured' and my console closes (from within RDP).

    previous setup in console server storage was:

    Storage drives:
    drive 1 - 320 GB - healthy
    drive 2 - 1,36 TB (of which 20GB is system) - healthy
    drive 3 - 1TB - healthy
    drive 4 - 1TB - healthy

    Backup drives
    drive 6 - 320GB - healthy

    The current situation is:
    Storage drives:
    drive 1 - 500 GB - healthy (i wanted to add this to backup, but made a mistake, now I cannot remove it anymore)
    drive 2 - 320 GB - not added ????
    drive 3 - 1,36 TB (of which 20GB is system) - healthy
    drive 4 - 1TB - healthy
    drive 5 - 1TB - healthy

    it gives no backup drives

    This leaves me 2 major problems if I want to restore my server to it's original state.

    - I have a disk that behaves like it is in the pool, no disk errors, have done thorough chkdsks. No errors (chkdsk c:\fs\d /f and all other drives) No errors.
    - The network is critical due to files where it says the disk is missing
    - I cannot add or remove any disks from the pool. I want to remove the 320 or at least show it again as added to the pool.
    - I don't have a backup storage now.

    PLEASE help me, I've been backing up my videos and photos now, but still have another 1,5 TB to move if I would think of reinstalling the server, which really defeats the purpose of having one anyway doesn't it?

    Tuesday, December 29, 2009 11:09 PM