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  • Two suggestions:

    1) Put Title under Body.
    2) Have a "Mark as Unread" option.


    1) Put Title under Body

    Currently the title is a guess about what the poster will write. However, it should be a summary of what was written.

    For example, i almost put a title of "two suggestions". But now that i am about finsihed with this, and the ideas are clear, i will put that in the title instead.

    Since the order on the page directs the poster, perhaps putting Title second will help. Perhaps even name it "Summary".

    2) Have a "Mark as Unread" option.

     Clicking on a thread automagically marks it is as read. This is a good thing in most cases. However, i have two cases where i don't want it to happen.

     a) When i want to "save" it for later so i can give it more time.
     b) To get around the forum bug of auto-refresh when the forum is empty (which locks up the browser), i need to leave one unread. Marking all as read and than one as unread would be very convenient.
    Monday, June 1, 2009 12:02 PM

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  • To facilitate following threads.

    3) "Ignore thread"  - Block from all filters, mark it as read, do not mark as unread even with new replies. Used if the thread isn't interesting.
    4) "Mark thread as Important" - If any important threads have updates, show them first. Used to follow really interesting threads.
    5) "Bookmark thread" - Add bookmarks to the "My Threads" page". Alternatively, always show the thread (first). Used to not lose sight of informative threads.

    Monday, June 1, 2009 4:02 PM