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  • Hello, how does CRM use preloadcache and rskey qs params when opening an entity in a browser window?
    Thursday, February 6, 2014 1:11 AM

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  • Hi, Better late than never!

    From what I can gather/guess (there seems precious little useful documentation available on this):

    1. preloadcache is a reference into a CRM cache, intended to improve performance by avoiding the need to access the CRM database *if the entity is not dirty*.  So far, the only way I have found (by trial-and-error) to bypass the cache for an entity that has not been dirtied (we have reasons for wanting to do this) is to remove the preloadcache parameter & its value from the URL.  I would prefer to, say, add a parameter to explicitly delete that entry.

    Apparently there is a plugin that can be used via a URL to invalidate the cache*.  Seems a little OTT to me. The Microsoft page for it* shows it being used with parameter "All" to clear the entire cache!  But the existance of that parameter suggests to me that perhaps you could instead specify something more specific, perhaps an entity GUID or perhaps more likely, the preloadcache value associated with your entity.

    * https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg695795.aspx

    2. From Google links, rskey appears to be something to do with prev/next record navigation - not of interest to  me, so suggest that you google this if you need more info. on that, there is a little bit out there.

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