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  • I have been in IT for nearly 20 years now, yes.. 20 years.. Most of the technology that i started with i now see in museums for computer equipment that is called antiques. I started my career at the age of 16, and i was ultra excited about technology. In an age where Facebook didn't exist, a smartphone was a home phone with a telescopic antenna, and the only LAN party that existed was when you wanted to carry your 50 lb CPU to your friends homes to solder in new cards. The internet was a military network on computers, TCP was an Apple thing, and Token Ring wasn't just a South Park episode. 

    I started Technology happy, excited, and full of angst about the new things that i would see in my lifetime, and the new technologies i would learn through life. 

    Unfortunately though the actual technology itself has been super disappointing. Each year, a new advancement, and each year it seems like a step backward. Social media has become a platform of a constant stream of negativity, no one reads fine print, so anything you share with anyone even just a phone number becomes someone else's property. Technology has lead to greed, and stupidity that no one could have dreamed possible when i started in IT. Parents rely on the internet to teach their kids, kids know more about sex and drugs at 12 then i did at 25, all due to the internet and the future of technology. Obesity is an epidemic caused by the lazy lifestyle technology has provided. America itself is filled with the stupid and fat, everyone here is fat and angry.. 

    Not a day goes by that i don't wish i could just have a new LAN(d) Party.. where in a field i can take every electronic device i own and just light a match.. 

    Technology and learning is great.. But if you are just starting out, i would suggest you look into alternatives to the career game over technology, especially if you love technology, as over the years, when you have been into it for 20+ years you too will find yourself asking.. how can i do something else.. 


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    And would give it all up to be making tables in the woods with no one around.. 


    Friday, June 1, 2018 6:25 PM

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  • I feel you, but you are not actually writing about IT career itself. Anyone who uses internet, could write the same view. Social media sure has its downsides, but I found much more use of it - you wrote about LAN party ... how about to organize or found existing game group in Facebook? 

    Before 2000, it was more challenging to be in IT, because you were alone with your problems, unless you had collegues who knew same stuff you did. Now you can google, but you need to know your stuff, otherwise you will break your infrastructure. I found current day much more interesting than 15 years ago. Today's speed with technology provides me much more interesting work (yes, with bugs ;)).  

    I think it is more about, how to adopt to today, learn to use social media more effectivly. I´ve start my career at the end of Windows 2000 era, but being as a hobby sense Windows 3.1. 

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    Tuesday, June 5, 2018 11:50 AM