pushpin import not working in Autoroute 2013 RRS feed

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  • 1. When I try to import a text file containing POI's (pushpin information) I immediately get  message: "the file is not in the expected format". 

    2. When I try to import an excel file I get the first screen the same as with Autoroute 2010 where I have to match the columns to data types.  When I click "Finish" I get error message "Failed to import data".

    3. When I try to import an .axe file saved with Autoroute 2010 containing a pushpin set the first reply is: "This file was created with an older version  of the map... . Click OK to match the records and open the file."  When I click OK, then after a while iget a map where the pushpins are in the right counties but totally wrong locations in a kind of matrix layout.

    At the same time an .axe file that contains a saved route is imported OK.

    The problem is the same for Autoroute 2013 versions from US server and the German langauage version that I installed as a trial on another computer.

    Is this a bug or has Microsoft closed POI (pushpin) import in Autoroute 2013 ? I have been using Autoroute for several years now for holiday trips since it has offline maps and offers convinient POI import from files. I use it to plan trips with campsites visible on the map. It is also good for navigation with a netbook mounted on the dashboard.  

    Saturday, June 15, 2013 1:34 PM