how can i change screen resolution in windows 10 Enterprises using command prompt or powershell or registry keys? RRS feed

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  • i have been trying powershell scripts , through command prompt and registry keys too but nothing seems to work.i want to change screen resolution to  1280*1024

    i used below script as it was given as a solution to change resolution

    Function Set-ScreenResolution { 

            Sets the Screen Resolution of the primary monitor 
            Uses Pinvoke and ChangeDisplaySettings Win32API to make the change 
            Set-ScreenResolution -Width 1024 -Height 768    -Freq 60    
    param ( 
               Position = 0)] 
               Position = 1)] 

               Position = 2)] 


    dm.dmPelsWidth = width; 
                    dm.dmPelsHeight = height; 
                    dm.dmDisplayFrequency = freq;


    Set-ScreenResolution -Width 1024 -Height 1280 -Freq 24 
    $pinvokeCode = @" 
    using System; 
    using System.Runtime.InteropServices; 
    namespace Resolution 

        public struct DEVMODE1 
            [MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValTStr, SizeConst = 32)] 
            public string dmDeviceName; 
            public short dmSpecVersion; 
            public short dmDriverVersion; 
            public short dmSize; 
            public short dmDriverExtra; 
            public int dmFields; 
            public short dmOrientation; 
            public short dmPaperSize; 
            public short dmPaperLength; 
            public short dmPaperWidth; 
            public short dmScale; 
            public short dmCopies; 
            public short dmDefaultSource; 
            public short dmPrintQuality; 
            public short dmColor; 
            public short dmDuplex; 
            public short dmYResolution; 
            public short dmTTOption; 
            public short dmCollate; 
            [MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValTStr, SizeConst = 32)] 
            public string dmFormName; 
            public short dmLogPixels; 
            public short dmBitsPerPel; 
            public int dmPelsWidth; 
            public int dmPelsHeight; 
            public int dmDisplayFlags; 
            public int dmDisplayFrequency; 
            public int dmICMMethod; 
            public int dmICMIntent; 
            public int dmMediaType; 
            public int dmDitherType; 
            public int dmReserved1; 
            public int dmReserved2; 
            public int dmPanningWidth; 
            public int dmPanningHeight; 
        class User_32 
            public static extern int EnumDisplaySettings(string deviceName, int modeNum, ref DEVMODE1 devMode); 
            public static extern int ChangeDisplaySettings(ref DEVMODE1 devMode, int flags); 
            public const int ENUM_CURRENT_SETTINGS = -1; 
            public const int CDS_UPDATEREGISTRY = 0x01; 
            public const int CDS_TEST = 0x02; 
            public const int DISP_CHANGE_SUCCESSFUL = 0; 
            public const int DISP_CHANGE_RESTART = 1; 
            public const int DISP_CHANGE_FAILED = -1; 
        public class PrmaryScreenResolution 
            static public string ChangeResolution(int width, int height) 
                DEVMODE1 dm = GetDevMode1(); 
                if (0 != User_32.EnumDisplaySettings(null, User_32.ENUM_CURRENT_SETTINGS, ref dm)) 
                    dm.dmPelsWidth = width; 
                    dm.dmPelsHeight = height; 
                    int iRet = User_32.ChangeDisplaySettings(ref dm, User_32.CDS_TEST); 
                    if (iRet == User_32.DISP_CHANGE_FAILED) 
                        return "Unable To Process Your Request. Sorry For This Inconvenience."; 
                        iRet = User_32.ChangeDisplaySettings(ref dm, User_32.CDS_UPDATEREGISTRY); 
                        switch (iRet) 
                            case User_32.DISP_CHANGE_SUCCESSFUL: 
                                    return "Success"; 
                            case User_32.DISP_CHANGE_RESTART: 
                                    return "You Need To Reboot For The Change To Happen.\n If You Feel Any Problem After Rebooting Your Machine\nThen Try To Change Resolution In Safe Mode."; 
                                    return "Failed To Change The Resolution"; 
                    return "Failed To Change The Resolution."; 
            private static DEVMODE1 GetDevMode1() 
                DEVMODE1 dm = new DEVMODE1(); 
                dm.dmDeviceName = new String(new char[32]); 
                dm.dmFormName = new String(new char[32]); 
                dm.dmSize = (short)Marshal.SizeOf(dm); 
                return dm; 

    Add-Type $pinvokeCode -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue 

    but it doesnot work and throws "failed to change the resolution"

    Monday, July 17, 2017 7:16 AM

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  • You will have to ask the author of the code for help.  Much of what you have posted seems to be missing and the code is not structured correctly.


    Tuesday, July 18, 2017 5:56 AM