one care is ending soon, would like help in other solutions for similar service RRS feed

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  • I checked the related topics displayed for my question, and neither was anything to do with what I need.  MS you are making this very difficult now.   I liked OneCare and all of the features that keep all my pc's together, protected, and kept updated and maintained.  I can print from anyone of my pc's thru your onecare program.  Now, if you are ending this program, First of all WHY?

    2nd,  what other program can do all of what OneCare does for at least about the same amount of $$ each year.  I have 3 pc's and cannot afford separate coverage such as onecare has given.

    I don't know how or what I can do to do all the things one care did, connecting all together, so whatever one I'm on, I can be assured of protection, maintenance, backups, and overall usage of this type of program.  I was soooo thrilled with this.  I've told many people about it.  It's very cost effective for us, the consumers, and so easy to use! 

    What is out there that is as One Care Live is?????????????????????????

    Thank you for anything you can help or suggest...

    I'm no idiot at the pc, but I'm not really technically driven... please provide good feedback for me.


    Monday, March 29, 2010 12:47 AM


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  • See the discussion here: http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/onecaregeneral/thread/18015f54-e826-42e1-a69a-2172373c071c

    I can't make a recommendation on a solution that is like OneCare with the "Circle" functionality, though. I'm not aware of any low cost solution that includes this.

    In my opinion, you are well served by switching to the free Microsoft Security Essentials product for each of your computers.


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    Monday, March 29, 2010 2:44 PM
  • Thank you - I read others were dissappointed as well.  It's unfortunate when something really cool comes along, and then is taken away due to costs, but we still paid them for it, however, I did also read that upgrading to Windows 7 is better.  I just wonder why everything is always changing, it only makes us users have to do this or that or buy a new computer.  It's a racket I call MS on. 

    It's all about them making more money with upgrades or new pcs -- also once you get a new one, is it within a year really not working as fast any longer, no matter what except for the OneCare was really cool...  they just want us to pay more money that is all it is.  I knew that long ago, with Windows 3.1  ---   and loved the commercial with the guy who just bought a brand new computer, and drove past a huge sign, with a bigger and better one!  Once you buy into this computer ____ your'e in hook line and Sinker...  yah, Bill Gates, surely OneCare wasn't 'cost effective'... for you? ha.  omg...  Big Corps    

    I have a pc with Vista, and it's okay, but there's alot to be said for XP being so far the easiet and best operating system.  I like WindowsMe, also... but again, gotta upgrade or get a new one...

    upgrading never works.  not software, not hardware, it's just cheeper and easier to go get a new one, and Bill Gates just gets richer... yes, I know he does alot of humanitarian work, but you gotta know why. 

    Well I will do whatever I gotta do, so be it.  Thanks for all the posts and assistance.

    p.s. though I like Windows PC's better than Apple, Apple was the most stable system, and every single part made within that machine was top notch quality to  the max.  I'm just used to Windows, and Apple is too expensive ...    but please do pass that p.s. part along to Mr. Gates. 

    Regards, Debbe

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010 3:31 AM
  • ooops, see? I must be an idiot!lol, I replied to my own post instead of this one... lol...  :)  that cheered me up! Thanks Stephen! my reply to you is above...
    Tuesday, March 30, 2010 3:32 AM
  • You're welcome and I'm glad that you were cheered up. ;-)


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    Tuesday, March 30, 2010 1:53 PM