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  • Hello,

    is it possible to use the SqlSyncAdapterBuilder but define another column as ID?
    I have the problem, that my tables have an INT ID as PrimaryKey and I have to use an UniqueId.
    For this reason I added another column with an UniqueId which is NOT the primary key.

    I also used this column in the Tombstone-Tables. There i defined the UniqueID as primary key.

    When I build my tables with the Builder, e.g.:

                SqlSyncAdapterBuilder builder = new SqlSyncAdapterBuilder((SqlConnection)this.Connection);
                builder.SyncDirection = SyncDirection.Bidirectional;
                builder.CreationTrackingColumn = "CREATE_DATE";
                builder.UpdateTrackingColumn = "CHANGE_DATE";
                builder.DeletionTrackingColumn = "DELETE_DATE";
                // FL_RAUM_T 
                builder.TableName = "FL_RAUM_T";
                string[] roomCols = new string[8];
                roomCols[0] = "RAUM_ID";
                roomCols[1] = "RAUM_CODE";
                roomCols[2] = "RAUM_BARCODE";
                roomCols[3] = "CHANGE_DATE";
                roomCols[4] = "USER_NAME";
                roomCols[5] = "COMPUTER_NAME";
                roomCols[6] = "CHANGE_FROM";
                roomCols[7] = "CREATE_DATE";
                builder.TombstoneTableName = GetSyncTableName(builder.TableName);
    I always get an Exception because the PrimaryKey in the Tombstone Table is not the same like in the original Table.

    How can I prevent this? Is it possible to define another Column (my unique id column) as Sync-ID?


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