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  • Newbie here... 

    I have a few questions that I would like answered before I move forward with correcting the mess that was handed to me when I took this job.  All help is appreciated! 

    How many databases are loaded when you install on site CRM?  I have MSCRM_CONFIG, Oganization_MSCRM, Report Server & reportServerTempDB (not sure if these two are CRM based or installed with SQL) as well as DYNDB.  Are all of these necessary?  I recently found CRM on another as well as the one that I knew about, some of these may be linked to that install.

    That leads me to my second question.  The programmer that loaded this software decided that it would be a good idea to load the Ogranization_MSCRM and the MSCM_CONFIG on the local machine and the DYNDB on a remote SQL Server.  Besides the databases being scattered all over, there is tons of development software on the CRM server and we are getting ready to go live.  This is why I would like to start from scratch (minus the databases).

    I have created a new virtual machine and would like to load the CRM application locally, and all the databases on the remote SQL server.  What would be the best steps in accomplishing this?

    Here is what I had in mind...

    Backup all database
    Restore CRM-OLD databases on remote SQL Server
    Point CRM to new SQL Server
    Verify everything works
    Stop CRM services on CRM-OLD
    Start clean install on CRM-NEW and connect to existing deployment during the setup process.

    Anything that I am missing?  Thoughts, concerns? Input from anyone that has done this before?

    Thanks in advance!

    Friday, June 7, 2013 8:23 PM


  • Hi,

    If you want to move all the databases onto a new database server, your approach is not far or incorrect, however is too high-level to comment, I would  suggest a simpler process.

    1. Set up your new environment SQL and insall CRM servers
    2. Backup the Organization_MSCRM databases and restore to the new server (You don't need to backup/restore the MSCRM_CONFIG
    3. On the new environment, with deployment manager, import one by one the restored ORG_MSCRM databases
    4. Regarding reporting, you just need to check if you have external reports (outside the customreports folder) that may need moving.

    if all is working and you need the DNS name from the old system change SPN's and DNS name to point to the new server. with the DNS working on the new CRM server, you can stop the services on the old CRM environment.

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