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  • I experienced this problem after upgrading my display.  My new display has a higher resolution than my previous display.  Windows would startup, then on the "Welcome" screen (before logging in), it would suddenly revert the resolution to match my previous display's (lower) resolution.

    Through trial and error, I discovered that the Live Mesh remote connections service was causing the display to change resolution.  I disabled this service to prevent the error.

    Now, I can't use Live Mesh remote desktop.  Please tell me how to fix this problem so that I can both 1) have my display at the proper resolution on startup AND 2) use Live Mesh remote desktop.


    Steps to reproduce:


    1. Install Live Mesh 2011 as part of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 suite.

    2. Activate Remote desktop access.

    3. Install a new display (with resolution b) that has a higher resolution than your previous display (resolution a).

    4. Set your display resolution to match the new display (resolution b) in Windows by right-clicking the desktop, and choosing "Screen Resolution."

    5. Reboot the computer.

    6. After Windows starts, before logging in, the display resolution will automatically revert to the previous setting (resolutiona).


    6. After windows starts, the display resolution remains at the correct setting (resolutionb).



    5. Before rebooting the computer, type Winkey+R, and in the Run dialog box, type msconfig and then press enter.

    6. Click the services tab.  Scroll through the list of services to find "Live Mesh remote connections service."

    7. Uncheck the box next to Live Mesh remote connections service.  Then click OK.

    8. Reboot the computer.

    9. Upon Windows startup, the display resolution will remain at the correct setting (resolutionb), however, you will not be able to use Live Mesh Remote Desktop feature.

    Monday, January 10, 2011 5:28 AM



    Since you are referring to Windows Live Mesh, not Live Mesh - www.mesh.com, you are in the wrong forum.


    For discussion of the new Windows Live Mesh (formerly Sync), (as well as the released Live Sync version) go here:



    I would uninstall and reinstall Windows Live Mesh to see if that works. Your display driver is defaulting to the remote desktop driver, it seems, or is conflicting with the driver.



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    Monday, January 10, 2011 12:11 PM