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  • Is there a way to use  a different Domain Name Hosting Service other than eNomCentral or GoDaddy in Vail Home Server?
    Wednesday, December 29, 2010 7:01 PM

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  • Hi @Trandmael - the short answer is 'yes'; you can use any (valid) domain you like :)

    Using the included providers gives you a LOT of ease of use and a 'free' certificate for the WAN side of WHS. Basically, I can't imagine any scenario where it'd make more sense to go with another provider, unless the ones you mention can't do it for you, or you have an existing domain name and services elsewhere that would be too painful to move. I meet both those criteria (I'd love to GoDaddy but they don't do '.com.au' and I had some complex hosting requirements).

    So yeah... if you have an existing domain delegated elsewhere, you're happy to organise your own SSL Certificate (bought, or run your own CA as I do) its possible and fine. It wasn't trivial, but nor was it that hard.

    The upside of all this happening (for me) around the same time as Vail refresh, an all 64bit fleet, Office 2010, Win 7 Home Premium discounts (and losing my SBS 2003 R2 media) was that I stumbled upon domains.live.com where you can point the live.com and homeserver.com domains to your zone/dns file. Second bonus was that I can use live.com (Hotmail) hosting for email and live main as a client, get all the functionality of Exchange Active sync, plus shared scheduling, contacts, tasks, etc, with my own domain name. Price? $00.00 :)

    Essentially, you modify your own zone file to make live/hotmail servers a delegate for subdomains like 'mail', 'blog', 'photos', 'webmail' etc and your WHS box for  'intranet', 'streaming', etc.

    You're most welcome to check out my zone files (for sac.com.au) at dns1.domaincentral.net.au to get the idea. Note that you could have your DNS pointing to multiple other subdomain/hosts, but as my experiment is to to leverage the Microsoft 'stuff', I'm using the Live domain tools to point mine all back toward MSFT. Given the incredible array of DNS hosting options required, I'm happy to assist offline until I'm/you're/we're convinced its easily replicable, so we could post the fix. Ditto anyone else that needs a hand.

    So, I've ditched SBS/Exchange and want to try to use just Vail in a (home only) production environment and Live/Skydrive, forums, etc 'in the cloud' for a year; eat the dogfood as MSFT say and see if I can produce a SOHO/microbusiness solution that delivers 95% of needs for a fraction of the cost of an AD/Server2008 based solution. So far so good... given I've been running Exchange from dot (and MS Mail/MHS/MCI/UUCP/Sendmail earlier still), the biggest challenges will be cultural and emotional I suspect : -) 

    I'm commited to trying to 'make do' with everything I can use for free/bundled, which is a LOT of stuff if you own/use MS Office and Win 7. When I saw MSFT had released an Android ActiveSync connector for my (hosted on Hotmail) email, I really began to believe it was a viable experiment; the 'less than two weeks to expire' thing for Vail was a bit of a 'surprise'. If most everything ends up in the cloud (free; at live.com) and I *just* use whatever Vail becomes to auto-backup workstations, provide centralised media services, RSS and NNTP on the LAN/streaming to my 3.5G mobile and as a pretty sophisticated Remote mangement platform too, I'll be pretty happy.

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