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  •  Yesterday I received a message that my software was not genuine.. Now this machine has been runningt over a year and I have had no issues with WGA, I have IE 7, Airect X, WMP 11, and other programs requireing WGA first. I don't know how many times but more than 6. There were 2 things that I intensely dislike about your process. First it starts out that due to extensive software changes or component changes I needed to reactivate. I have been through this twice and for no reason. But then the issue changes to pirated software, I don't understand the need to say one thing (excess software changes) anjd then, no wait your software is phony. And what is really insulting is this, the assumption is that I am quilty and need to feel bad about this. I agreed to take a survey until I could not stand it any longer, question after question and each more accusations. How did I feel about having bum software, did I feel bad having software that was not genuine, what did I plan on doing now that it was discovered, and on and on. I eventually found my key and it was taken care of but I resent the implicartion and no one but Microsoft would cause the problem and then give the customer an attitude about the situation. And the entire time there was a very current WGA certification in my objects folder. No where could I simply indicate this. And I did another WGA while under seige so to speak and it did nothing. It leaves one with not a choice set of feelings for a company I continue to both admire and absolutely need and one that drives me insane on occasion. I admit the job you do is astronomical in scope and it can't be done with zero mistakes. But a little conscience on occasion would be a nice touch. Sorry for the length of this but I wanted to get it off my chest. It's fixed and over. I did sent a note to CS but its moot now. Can this be passed on or do I need to send seperate notice?

    PS I did switch to wireless with a Linksys N router, Belkin N adaptor and a new Linksys USB/Ethernet modem. I had much trouble getting a steafdy connection as well. I do notice that is working perfectly tonight. I removed a NIC card( Netgear Gigahertz PCI adaptor, #311), changed video software to ATI most current version and removed a 74 GB WD Raptor drive.  I am back to IE 7 and tried Firefox since I could not view any sites but I guess it was all leading up to the WGA event. If any of these are known issues than you have the information.
    Thursday, November 22, 2007 3:27 AM