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  • Hallo @ all,

    I would like to have crm dynamics 2011 do the VAT calculation Automatically. I would very much appreciate any help on how to achieve this. At the moment we can only enter the tax manually.I would like the crm to automatically calculate VAT of 19% (Germany VAT) and if possible an option to calculate 19.5%, 20% , just incase the taxes should ever be increased or decreased in the future.

    Somesort of free Add-on  would be more appropriate for me.

    A java script is also welcome (please make it very easy to implement ) I have no knowledge of javascripting and I have also not used it in crm.

    I sincerely thank you all in advance for your help.

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012 1:06 PM


  • Hi,

    You can do this in many ways.

    1) You can write a plugin.

    2) You can do it in JScript (JavaScript) on the OnSave event.

    Also if you are worried of changing percentages, then create a configuration entity. It only has 2 fields: Key and Value. You can then create a record with Key = VAP and Value = 19%. When VAT changes to 19.5% or 20% or any other value, then update this field. Now at the time of calculation just read this value every-time you do calculations.

    The other option is to hard-code this value in the code. For example lets say you want to calculate VAT in you JScript. Then just save this 19% in a variable. Writing JScript is simple. All you need to know is how to read a value from a field and how to save the calculated value in another field. Take a look at the blog below:


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    Tuesday, April 24, 2012 1:59 PM

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