Windows Phone 8 alters mp3 tags RRS feed

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    My question is: does anyone know a way to copy music over to a WP8 device without the tags going berserk? I have a large (few thousand songs) music library, and for some reason the tags of one album go wild and the track TITLE gets copied into the ARTIST field, for no apparent reason.

    I'm using MP3 Tag to provide all my MP3s with metadata, plus I deliberately delete old ID3.v1 tags from all the songs, and keep only ID3.v2.3, not the newest v2.4, because desktop Media Player cannot handle v2.4 tags correctly, which is quite a shame, as only v2.4 sports proper unicode support.

    The same thing happens even if I copy it via a USB cable and using the Windows Phone companion app in the Win 8 Store, or if I "just" copy it through File Explorer onto the SD card of the phone, or if I take out the SD card of the phone and copy it fully manually. When the library gets indexed on the phone, the tags break.

    The reason I said "just" copy via USB is because something definately happens along the way, both in the companion app and in File Explorer too, because the copying is damned slow compared to copying it raw onto the SD card.

    All help is appreciated,


    Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:07 PM