Win XP Genuine Advantage Kit is same with Win XP OEM purchased from Microsoft reseller? RRS feed

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    My Win XP Home just updated to Win XP Pro in my laptop and I got notification that  am using a not original copy software. Then I checked microsoft website that found  they were offering to purchase Win XP Genuine Advantage Kit.


    And when I called to Microsoft product reseller, they said to me if I purchase an OEM software is same with this kit. And wheter the license can be used only into 1 PC/ laptop. My question is if I upgraded using this kit, another time T have problem to reinstall XP Pro will it cause any problems?


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    sehat tan


    Thursday, April 5, 2007 2:48 AM


  • Awephotohunter,


    The WGA Kit provides a retail license for XP.  One of the differences beween an OEM license and a retail license is that the OEM license is permanently tied to the computer onto which it is first installed and cannot be moved to a different computer.  Retail licenses for XP can be moved from one computer to another.


    Neither retail licenses nor OEM licenses can be installed on more than one computer at a time.  Each computer needs its own separate license for XP.


    Both retail and OEM licenses can be reinstalled on the same computer an unlimited amount of times.  Activation may be required for each installation; activation may have to be done telephonically depending upon circumstances.

    Thursday, April 5, 2007 3:43 AM