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  • I'm sure everyone will agree that Tune-up is one of the things that makes OneCare a great program ... everyone except the folks at Microsoft, it seems.  By now we've heard the (non)reasuring words about how we're all gonna get a free anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-anythingthatcanpossiblyhurtyou program to replace OneCare once it's been killed, and how everything else OneCare does can be done from Windows anyway.  Unfortunately, that's not true by a long shot.

    Take back-up for example: OneCare Back-up allows you to exclude files, folders, even whole disks if you want.  It also allows you to include folders and disks that might not be included by default.  Now take a look at Windows Back-up: you get to choose what disks you want included, and select general catagories of files to include; but that's it.  Can you include or exclude certain folders on a specific disk?  No.  Can you select certain types of files by extension?  No.  I tried to find out if my .htm and .html files (for web pages that I maintain) were going to be included in the back-up; but there's no way to tell.  Maybe they are included, I don't know.  But there's no way to tell.  No where is there to be found an actual list of extensions of files which are included.  Check it out.  Rampage through the data base articles.  There's no list of file extensions to be found anywhere.  No where.  No how!  And if you want certain folders or files on a specific disk included, but not the rest of that disk ... well, you're out of luck because Windows back-up has already decided that you don't need to do that.  So, there!

    Now, let's take a look at defrag.  Sure, you can defrag your files manually.  Big whoop.  Oh, and yeah, you can schedule it to happen using Task Scheduler ... Yeahsureright!  Ever try to schedule something to happen with Task Scheduler?  Try it sometime and see if you can do it.  It's like trying to unscramble a Rubik's Cube!  You have to know that exact location of the program you want to shedule.  So, where is that defrag program again?  Beats me.  Probably in some system32something folder somewhere.  What really pisses me off here is that it would have taken a programer at Microsoft about 10 minutes to add a feature to the Tools tab on each disk's properties to "Schedule regular defragmentation of this disk."  But noooooo...  All you get is "Defrag this disk NOW."  You can also "Back up this disk NOW."  Can you even "Clean up this disk NOW."  But schedule them???  You have to wade into the murky, muddy swamp of Task Scheduler to do that.  And there's a good chance you won't come out alive!

    Elsewhere on this forum, one of the mods made the suggestion that defragmenting a hard drive is something you only need to do once or twice a year.  What planet is he living on?  I have five hard drives on my computer, three of which are playing host to media files of 7 gigs or more in size, and which are moved and copied and moved and copied several times a week.  Defrag once a year???  What do you do with your computer?  Play solitaire and send e-mails like my 80 year old mother?  Why don't you grow up and get a real computer and do something with it?

    Personally, I don't buy the line that Microsoft is concerned that they want everyone to be covered against malicious attacks, so they have to make a free program - one that does next to nothing that the old one now does.  Has Obama taken over Microsoft???  I'm more inclined to accept the theory that not enough people bought OneCare and it's too expensive to support.  Valid point, that.  So, if it's not paying for itself or making a profit, double the subscription price.  Even triple the subscription price.  For what the program does, I'd pay it.  Maybe OneCare users are fewer than Microsoft would have hoped; but that's no reason to dump it.

    BTW, if someone comes along a year or so from now and tells me that I have to upgrade to Windows 7 or else the sky will fall and my Vista system will no longer work, I will be shoping for a MAC.

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009 3:34 AM

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  • To address your defrag concern - you are the exception with the large files that you work with regularly. Your system will benefit from more frequent defragmentation of the file system. However, if you are running Vista (or Windows 7 - though you aren't using that based on your last paragraph...) Defrag is happening in the background automatically.

    You are correct that the loss of OneCare backup is a great concern for people who grew to depend on it. The backup in Windows XP (and to a lesser extent, Vista) was much easier to use, despite its limitations.

    And, I agree that using the task scheduler is not something that the average user should need to concern themselves with.

    It is a shame that OneCare has been discontinued, on that we agree.

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    Wednesday, December 16, 2009 1:44 PM