Windows Phone 7 makes my SD card useless RRS feed

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  • I bought a Samsung Focus three years ago. After using it for more one year, I bought a 32G SD card for it and it works perfectly fine.

    Recently, I upgraded to Nokia Lumia 1520.  So I took out the SD card from my Focus and put it into my new Lumia. However, I was told the card cannot be recognized. The card cannot be recognized by my Windows either. After some researches, I realized that WP7 actually locked the SD card in a way that no other device can use it.  I have followed the instructions given in one of XDA forums but unfortunately it doesn't work for my Focus. It also is said some Nokia phones can be used to reformatted this type of locked SD card. But I don't have any of them.   

    I am fine with how WP7 use my SD card. However, as a complete solution, Microsoft should offer an option for WP7 user to unlock the SD card in the case they want to use SD card for other purpose.

    A lot of WP7 users are suffering this problem. I strongly suggest Microsoft takes some action to address this issue. Letting early WP7 adopters down shouldn't be an option of Microsoft.


    Wednesday, December 18, 2013 10:03 PM