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  • Hi,

    I´m new with MS Money, I downloaded the 'Money Plus Sunset Deluxe' wich is the lastest version and free; I would like to ask for who use that software for more time and probably my question is to simple.

    • I lent $200 to my mom, how to add it to my account? I was thinking to add one 'transaction' as 'withdrawal' but the app dont have 'lending' category...
    • I sold my car, how to add that money received?


    Renato P

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  • Money has any category you want. Just type the name of the category you want, and Money will ask about it.

    There are more than one ways to handle lending. One way is to create an asset account. Transfer money to that account when you lend, and transfer from that account when the money is repaid.

    Alternatively, create an expense category called loaned_to:Mom (where Mom would be a subcategory of Loaned_to). When she repays, enter a deposit transaction. There may be a warning that you are using an expense category for incoming money. That's OK. You can customize a report to see how you are standing with your loans.

    Thursday, January 17, 2013 1:27 AM