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  • Can I post it again?  Maybe I was in the wrong forum?  (I chose the forum I did because of a response to a "where do I post this?" question.

    My question was titled:
    Request.form stops working after clicking on page with Integrated

    [...Windows Authentication] (I guess my title was too long)
    and I posted it in microsoft.public.windows.server.general
    on Dec 16th.

    I see lots of warnings against cross-posting, but I don't know what that is, so I'm being cautious.  But I'd *really* like an answer, if someone knows it.

    Maybe I should put the question here:
    I am using asp on a Windows 2003 server, with IIS 6.0, for a large 
    I need to collect user names for some pages on the website (which are 
    restricted to a certain number of users), and am using 
    request.servervariables(LOGON_USER) to get those names.  To do this, I have 
    turned off "enable anonymous access" and turned on Integrated Windows 
    authentication for a gateway page (i.e. just for one page in the whole 
    I can't use Integrated Windows authentication for the whole site because 
    then some important users who are outside the forest (? or domain??) are 
    presented with username/password requests, which they aren't under anonymous 
    access.  So, I pre-identify those users by ip address, and steer them around 
    the gateway page.
    The strategy works fine, except for one problem.  There is an asp page 
    elsewhere on the site that requests form variables used in search requests 
    from another asp page.  The requesting asp page works fine until a user 
    clicks on the page which has Integrated Windows Authentication applied.  From 
    that point on, request.form stops working.  There's no error; but all the 
    results are blank.
    Somehow, clicking on the page with the different access permission breaks 
    request.form until the user closes all instances of the browser (IE 6) and 
    then starts over.
    Does anyone have a suggestion about why this is happening and how I can 
    solve it?  
    Many thanks!
    P.S.  An alternative way to determine the user name would also solve this 
    for me -- the server is part of a large internal network. 
    Monday, January 4, 2010 6:38 PM