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  • Forgive the stupid question from this newbie, but if I have already signed in to "mesh" and my Taskbar icon says that I am Online, why do I have to turn around and enter a password AGAIN to access my  "Live Desktop".
    If I am online - that should mean I have been authenticated and online I would think and without having to save my password on my login or anything. Log In to the "Mesh" and "Live Desktop" and everything is fine, close the web browser - icon doesn't change to say your logged off still says your online, go to access "Live Desktop" from Icon - You have to resign in with your account information to access the "Live Desktop" once again - this is a pain.
    If your authenticated you should stay "Live" otherwise if your trying to keep it secure because you happen to shut down that instance of your browser window, you should deactive the icon to the "Sign Out" icon - showing a relogin will be required. At least then you would know you better not close your window or you will have to re-sign in again.

    Monday, December 1, 2008 12:44 PM


  • It all revolves around where you are logged in to, and what you are actually accessing.

    When the tray icon says you are logged in, it is indicating that you are logged in on the current device (say "Home" etc), this device is another device on the mesh, and has no (real) relation to the other device in your mesh called "Live Desktop". When you then go and visit your Live Desktop in a browser you are asked to log in to your "Live Desktop" as it is a different device.

    I like the way this works since:

    1. It means Live Mesh isn't mucking around with my browser to try to set things (like installing plugins etc) to indicate my logged in status
    2. It means I can login to a different live mesh desktop to the one that I am currently logged in as. Although I don't have multiple accounts I have used this to log in to my live desktop when using a friend's machine.
    3. It reinforces (to me at least) the fact that these are all separate devices - I have access to everything on my desktop from the client (worst case I need to actually sync a file though before usage).

    That said, I can see how it would be useful to be automagically logged in to your live desktop when clicking the link from within Live Mesh. On the other hand it strikes me as a slight security issue - if you are comfortable with auto login you could always click the "remember me" checkbox when logging in.
    Monday, December 1, 2008 1:41 PM