Extracting data from Exchange Server 2003 store to SQL Server 2005 DB? RRS feed

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  • A business partner will be emailing us data to a private Exchange address--which we would like to be unmonitored. We would like to extract the data from those messages into a SQL Server DB; Exchange and SQL Server are on separate boxes. I have regular expressions that can extract the data, but I can't yet get to the messages themselves. Ideally, we would like for the solution to remain on the server side, rather than have someone monitor the email account and manually process the incoming messages.

    We have installed SQL Server 2005 Express on the Exchange 2003 box and tried to access the Exchange store as a linked server, but I keep getting security error messages (using every permutation of SA, domain admin, and individual user accounts that I can think of).

    Another possible/theoretical solution might involve automatically saving messages as .TXT to the file system. I have also read a little about event sinks, but not enough to get started down that path.

    What/where would be the best forum to get some answers/solutions to this issue? TIA!

    Monday, November 30, 2009 3:00 PM