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  • I have been using Money for many years as for simple banking, LTBH, taxes, ect.

    I am now learning about call options. Unfortunately, I can't find any MS Money Sunset help or online regarding how to enter a basic call option and then record the eventuak sell.

    Can someone please walk me thru the MS Money bookkeeping steps?


    Monday, January 29, 2018 4:50 PM

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  • To buy an option, you would normally enter a Buy to Open transaction. You will have to scroll down the list to see that one. Enter the investment type as "Equity or Index Option". Answer the questions. If you learn something, let us know.

    When you sell the option, it is Sell to Close. To expire the option, do a Sell to Close for $0. If you exercise the option... let's look at that if it comes up.

    Maybe work with a copy of your file (with a different file name) to experiment.

    Here are some  old notes I had, which may or  may not be useful:

    Suppose you are selling 10 covered calls.  If you define the option
    as an Equity Option, enter a "Sell to Open" transaction for 10
    contracts.  Note that a quirk prevents you from being able to
    change the symbol for a security that has been defined as an Equity
    Option in Money 2005 and maybe 2006.  Thus you might want to name
    the option "DOW 30 Jan Call" rather than "DOW 30 Jan 04 Call".
    Expire will be a native type for the options.  The problem does not
    exist in Money Plus.

    If you define the option as a Stock, enter a "Short Sell"
    transaction for 1000` shares.  You will be able to change the
    symbol later if you like.  To expire the option, enter a Cover
    Short for $0.

    Note that for quotes download, the symbol must start with a period.
    For example, .DOWAF is the symbol for Dow Call Jan $30.  If you are
    entering the prices manually, you can leave the symbol blank.


    On Tue, 30 Sep 2008, "Scott Tyler"  wrote:

    :Something to watch out for:
    :When you download option prices (which I didn't know was possible until
    :seeing your post:  I've been updating prices manually for the few months
    :that I've been trading options) the expiration date in the investment
    :details is populated.
    :When you close or expire your position, be sure to blank out or change the
    :symbol, and blank out the expiration date.  Otherwise, sometime in the month
    :following the expiration date, Money will magically delete the option,
    :removing it from your closed positions and reports, and wiping out the price
    :Blanking out the expiration date seems to prevent this issue.
    :Re-creating an option with the same name used the first time will resurrect
    :a deleted option, but it won't restore the price history.
    :I just had to set my system clock back to August, load a backup from August,
    :and send the price history for two options to Excel, so that I could fix it
    :in my main file.

    Tuesday, January 30, 2018 12:47 AM
  • Thanks, Cal... covered calls are a little advanced, but I deeply appreciate the basics of buying and selling a simple call option. I have done some experimentation as you suggest as recording in MS Money is an important part of the transaction.
    Thanks again!
    Tuesday, January 30, 2018 4:53 PM