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  • I have had several instances where MSST 2013 will not let me put a way point where I want it and it moves it someplace arbitrarily.  It makes creating routes very difficult.  I still have 2010 installed and it works perfectly, the way point goes where I put it.  This usually happens when I try to drag a route to change it.  However, it has happened a few times just trying to click on the map to place routes.  It has been enough of an issue that I have gone back to 2010.  The fact that it works right in the old version and does not now means it is clearly something in the software.

    I also cannot understand why you still have not put actual SPEEDs back in for segments. If I recall - 2005 had this feature. Default should be the speed limit, but this slow - average - fast mess is completely unhelpful. 

    The UI is less attractive and user friendly (trying to help a friend on the phone do something is harder with a monochrome UI).

    Monday, August 27, 2012 8:34 PM