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  • I have a problem with a small piece of VB code which worked fine in the past, but is now giving me problems. I recently re-built my machine)This same code does work on my colleagues machines with no problems. I had thought that there may be issues with my Security settings, so I have tried to resolve those issues.

    When stepping into the code (F8) the error (53) comes up when the following statement is encountered

      If OpenPMDPCDataConnection(vDBPath) Then

    The Access database file is at the pach specified - "C:\PMDonPC\PMD PC Database Central.mdb"

    Code below

    Public Sub DOSheet()
    Dim vDBPath As String
    Dim vHANDLE As Long
    Dim vLogin As String
    Dim vPwd As String
    Dim vLoginDLG As FoLogin
    Dim vMLFB As String
    Dim vIdx As Long
      vDBPath = "C:\PMDonPC\PMD PC Database Central.mdb"
      Set vLoginDLG = New FoLogin
      If OpenPMDPCDataConnection(vDBPath) Then---------------------Stops here and brings up Error 53
    vHANDLE = OpenPMDPCDataHandle("1000", "1000", "")
        If vHANDLE > -1 Then

    Please could you let me know what I should be looking for.


    Tuesday, January 21, 2014 10:57 PM


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