start command in cmd shell doesn't work, neither does delayed expansion RRS feed

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  • why is cmd shell broken over and over again? we can't do development, and probably neither can Microsoft.

    please make it work so we can compile things - the GUI isn't the main way build environments are made - and I don't .

    for /r  is partially broken too, I call batch files and somewhere along the way, it gives up processing more for no good reason.

    perhaps it's because it ran out of 32-bit RAM? make explorer.exe, conhost.exe, and cmd.exe 64-bit please as much as possible. compiles can take up to 32GB RAM or more, so a 32-bit process will crash at 1.6GB (unless you have a video card >=4GB then a 32-bit process will just die trying to start because it gets 4GB-videocardRAM-OSRAM space).

    also, start does not work without the shell title coming right after the start command, and somehow it''s unable to differendiate a double-quoted exe path and a shell title. try finding out if it exists as a filepath. you can also check the path for executable type file extensions.

    the shell also needs decent variable expansion.

    in a batch file using a for statement, for %%x in (aaaa bbb ccccc ddddd) do (

    set somevar=somevalue

    ^^^^^setting a variable here rarely works

    echo %x:~0,2%

    ^^^^this doesn't work, I have not found a way for it to work, and it's not documented in set /?


    and start "shellname" "exepath"

    should start exepath in parallel using cmd /k but cmd /k is broken after a certain date a few months ago or a year ago. so now it starts jobs in serial rather than in parallel.

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