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  • I think the design of the thread-list page could be improved aesthetically -- for example:

    • Have the thread's date in a separate column in the list, with shorter notation, so that all the last post dates are nicely aligned, as opposed to all over the place. Have a look at vBulletin's design for a good, clean example of what I mean: (that forum uses a modified vBulletin).
    • Simplify the information presented -- for example, instead of writing "last reply by Some User on Tuesday, 8 April 2008 9:36:29 AM" which is extremely long and annoying to read, just have a separate column called "Last Reply", list the date and time, the username, and a little icon to take you to the last post, similar to how the aforementioned link does it. That way you're not repeating the same information for each thread ("last reply by <someone> on <some date>"), but have a nice table layout with a list of last replies in each row.
    • Maybe remove the "(preview)" text, and replace it with a column containing a preview Icon image that users can click on -- perhaps re-use the same one the post editor uses, for familiarity. That'll save space and make it easier for people to track where the preview button is, since it will always be on the same horizontal place, as opposed to after the thread's title, which varies in length.
    A general aesthetic suggestion for the entire forum is to also revise the sizes of fonts. Putting a really large font next to a really small font is a bit ugly -- try to get them a bit more visually appealing. Again, have a look at the previous link for rough ideas.

    Key points to take away: Improve consistency, both for font sizes, and for page layout (by grouping similar things in rows in a table).
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  • We originally found that we didn't want to have columns for the dates as they took up a lot of real estate.  But it's something we could consider.

    About the Preview text that is going away instead we'll have an arrow to the left of the title to expand/collapse, we're also making the title lines "hot" so you can expand/collapse that way.

    We'll also have a "close" at the bottom as that's been requested by many folks.  This work just got checked in yesterday in fact.

    Sam Jarawan STO Forums - Senior Development Lead
    Thursday, April 17, 2008 11:36 PM