Insufficient Permissions error when logged in as System Admin RRS feed

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  • I am submitting this because I have found a solution to something others may experience.
    When logged in as the Organization System Administrator, we received the following error when trying to reassign any record from one user to another: "The logged in user does not have sufficient permissions to view these records or perform the specific action..." 

    After studying similar issues in the forum, all of which were associated with a user who had some limitations in security roles that needed to be adjusted, it occurred to me that, even though I, as System Admin, didn't have any limitations, perhaps the limitations placed on the record owners were causing my problem.

    Looking at their roles, I found that they did not have rights to the Notes entity (the client wanted to create notes where they could edit the create date, so we created a custom entity for notes and prohibited access to the system entity).  When I gave the record owners rights to the notes entity, I could reassign the record.

    So... if you run into this sort of thing, I thought it might be helpful to others to know that you should look not only at the "Logged in User", as the error specifies, but also at the affected users' security roles.  It will be there somewhere.

    Thursday, September 30, 2010 5:34 PM