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  • Unless I'm missing something it seems like you're not able to use ISA 2006 for SSO with CWA 2007 any longer. I guess technically you could if you don't require anonymous user access, but then you're missing out on some features.

    The SSO to a Custom Authentication virtual server works just fine as it did in Wave 12, but when an anonymous user gets an invite link it's to the https://external-cwa-fqdn/join URL. ISA snags this and presents the FBA screen for the user to authenticate, as it should. Which means anonymous users can't get through.

    The alternative which works just fine is to configure the rule on ISA just like the Web Components and do a pass-through where the client can authenticate if needed. Downside being you lose out on an SSO between OWA, SharePoint and CRM.

    Anyone got an idea for a workaround? I suppose if the join and dial-in suffixes were actually a subdomain prefix you could build a ruleset for those URLs to get through without authentication, but from what I'm reading you're stuck with those as suffixes.
    Wednesday, February 11, 2009 9:49 PM