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  • Hi all,

    As a relatively new member to the forums - I was wondering if a moderator could comment on how they know when a question has a proposed answer for them to check?

    I ask because I have been trawling back therough the archives of unanswered questions about 10 days ago and marked somewhere in the region of 15 proposed answers.  None of them have been marked.

    Is this because the Moderators have to search the forums for proposed answers instead of having a "list" of proposed answers/questions to work with or because questions are ordered for them in "date asked" order and the ones I answered are at the bottom?

    I'm not trawling for heaps of points - but it would be nice to know why these questions arent marked if I am planning to spend time clearing a load more backlog.

    Thursday, November 28, 2013 1:25 PM


  • There is no mechanism to automatically alert moderators that a thread in a forum has a reply marked proposed answer (or answer). It is possible to mark any thread "Alert me" and get email alerts of all activity in the thread, but it would not be practical to get alerts for every thread in a forum. However, anyone can filter all the threads in any view by "Proposed answers", "Answered", or "Unanswered". The default is "All threads".

    Every moderator works differently, but at least once a day I filter on "Proposed answers" in the forums I moderate and mark appropriate answers. However, since the desired result is always to have the OP (the person that asked the question) mark the answer, I wait at least 7 days after a reply is marked proposed before I mark it as the answer (assuming I agree that the reply answers the question). But this policy does require more work, and in a forum with a lot of activity moderators may not wait so long.

    Some forums are in need of more moderators. Do you think the forum(s) you frequent could use more moderators?

    Richard Mueller - MVP Directory Services

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    Thursday, November 28, 2013 2:17 PM