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  • I am scanning large historic maps using a hand scanner and then stitching them together. The scans run in strips along the Y axis with a reasonable overlap.

    Ice seems to do the best job compared to other stitching programs but there are still imperfections.

    Borders and scale lines at the edges of the maps are sometimes disjointed. The problem is improved if the map scans are trimmed and adjusted to be the same pixel width. The camera movement is set to planar. Below is an example of a stitched map made up of four strips. Teh stitch image is scaled to submit here. The scale bar on the map and maps border is  broken in places along the top and the bottom, although the rest of the map looks pretty good.

    Interestingly the disjoint parts are not necessarily in the overlap area

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    Friday, October 30, 2015 2:34 AM