Have a Windows home edt on my lap top. and a half a year.. no updates anymore as i now have Windows Pro?how did this happen? RRS feed

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    i have the same Question, and i have read the answer, but really dont think im getting any further with it.


    i too have a Laptop, that i baught in Germany, from Aldi.. its such a great laptop, theres everything that you could ecer need on it.well i have always made my updates, and everything was fine, .......... until...... i dont know what went wrong.


    i have on this lap top Windows XP Pro.......... but i really cannot explain, but on the back of my laptop.. is Windows Home edt..........  how the hell did this happen? and now i do not recive any kind of updates, i cant even play a pc game, as i need the actual Direct X  9.0......  and i too am not really to happy about even the thought of buying a new Vista or what ever...... is there anything that you can do for me? or advice.. i have no cds here anymore what so ever.. only an Original Windows Pro that doesnt belong to this laptop.


    is there anyway i can down load my Windows Home version.. without having to pay. or maybe a new cd? as i said., i have my code, there is no problem in that area.. and it was after all.... 3 years original.. and then it wasnt.???


    please help me.. im going mad here.




    Rick. (Germany)

    Monday, October 29, 2007 7:02 PM


  • BooBooGreen,


    Did the laptop come preinstalled with Windows XP Pro but the COA sticker was Windows Home edition? Also have you ever turned in the system for any type of repairs whatsoever and if so did you take the recovery software media (usually provided by the system manufacturer) to the store who made the repairs? There are two situations here. First if the laptop came with XP Pro and the wrong COA sticker please go back to Aldi and let them know. Windows is preinstalled by the manufacturer known as OEM Installation. They will have to correct this problem. Second if your machine was ever taken to a repair facility please work with them because it would appear they didn't install the correct version of windows as presented by the COA sticker located on the bottom of your laptop.



    Thank you,


    Stephen Holm, MS

    Monday, October 29, 2007 10:48 PM