All "Microsoft Account Team" emails received appear as Junk \ Suspicious RRS feed

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  • I have noticed that when I receive emails from the Microsoft Account Team, they are automatically added to my Junk mail folder, and marked up as "Suspicious".

    This is using Microsoft Live Mail \ Hotmail account. 

    I have noticed this after say changing my Hotmail password, or setting up a PIN in the new Win 10 verification process.

    This generates a verification code to be sent to my email\mobile phone to be sure it is a genuine request.

    Surely if receiving email from a genuine Microsoft source, why is it that Microsoft's own software (ie Hotmail and Live Mail) are flagging their own emails as suspicious\junk ??

    It makes me mistrust the verification process ....

    I haven't set up any Junk mail rules for Microsoft emails, so not sure why this happens?


    Saturday, August 15, 2015 10:07 AM