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  • 【DirectX9 Get shader bytecode-】 I hook DrawIndexedPrimitive

    HookCode(PPointer(g_DeviceBaseAddr + $148)^,@NewDrawIndexedPrimitive, @OldDrawIndexedPrimitive);    
    function NewDrawIndexedPrimitive(const Device:IDirect3DDevice9;_Type: TD3DPrimitiveType; BaseVertexIndex: Integer; MinVertexIndex, NumVertices, startIndex, primCount: LongWord): HResult; stdcall;
        ppShader: IDirect3DVertexShader9;
        Device.GetVertexShader(ppShader);//<------1.Get ShaderObject(ppShader)
        ppShader.GetFunction(_Code,_CodeLen);//<----2.Get bytecode from ShaderObject(ppShader)
        Result:=OldDrawIndexedPrimitive(Self,_Type,BaseVertexIndex,MinVertexIndex, NumVertices, startIndex, primCount);

    【How to DirectX11 Get VSShader bytecode?】 I hook DrawIndexed

    pDrawIndexed:=PPointer(PUINT_PTR(UINT_PTR(g_ImmContext)+0)^ + 12 * SizeOf(Pointer))^;
    procedure NewDrawIndexed(g_Real_ImmContext:ID3D11DeviceContext;IndexCount:     UINT;StartIndexLocation: UINT;BaseVertexLocation: Integer); stdcall;
        game_pVertexShader: ID3D11VertexShader;
            ppClassInstances: ID3D11ClassInstance;
            NumClassInstances: UINT
        g_Real_ImmContext.VSGetShader(game_pVertexShader,ppClassInstances,NumClassInstances);    //<------1.Get ShaderObject(game_pVertexShader)
        .....//<----2.Here's how to get bytecode from ShaderObject(game_pVertexShader)?
        OldDrawIndexed(ImmContext, IndexCount, StartIndexLocation, BaseVertexLocation);

    Another way:

    HOOK CreateVertexShader()


    HOOK need to be created before the game CreateVertexShader, HOOK will not get bytecode if the game is running later,I need to get bytecode at any time like DirectX9

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