Video feed (from one direction) become jerky when using Live Meeting 2007, but not with Communicator 2007 RRS feed

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  • We currently have a main office (SITE A) with the following:

    1) Office Communications Server 2007 (latest build and fixes) (consolidated)

    2) Access Edge server which has a publicly routable IP and works fine.

    3) 1 x Roundtable device

    4) 10MB Leased Line (currently dedicated for OCS only)


    We also have a remote office (SITE B) which has:

    1) Roundtable

    2) 2MB SDSL Line


    Site A and Site B both use Sonicwall firewalls for protection and to establish a VPN tunnel between the two sites.


    When using Office Communicator to establish a video call between the two RoundTable devices the video and audio are perfect!  Using diagnostics on the firewall we can see that their is a peer to peer connection between the two machines.


    However when using Live Meeting 2007 we have a problem.  Site A has a perfect Roundtable main and panoramic video of Site B, however after a random amount of time (however usually within the first couple of minutes) Site B's view of Site A become non-fluid i.e. the picture only updates every 4-5 seconds.

    Unlike with Communicator, diagnostics on the firewall show that each Live Meeting client connects to the OCS Server rather than peer-to-peer.


    So far we have tried the following to diagnose this:

    1) Connected Site B via VPN tunnel, and via internet (therefore connecting to Site A via Access Edge) - get same problem


    2) Have tried a third Roundtable (with a laptop) connected via another ADSL line (external to Site A) and this works fine, which rules out any problems with the Firewall, network, PC or Roundtabe at Site A


    Bandwidth at Site B has been guaranteed at 1024 kbps for any traffic coming from the OCS server to the RoundTable's PC.  So we are pretty sure its not bandwidth.



    Any views on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thursday, August 7, 2008 2:51 PM

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