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  • I've finally gotten around to installing WHS on an old computer that I had gotten from a friend.  It is an Intel D850GB with a 1.8GHz Processor, 1 G of Memory, a DVD burner, a 32 MB MX400-Pro video card and for starters a 40GB (7200 RPM) HD. 

    There was no problems with the installations.  My biggest complaint is the amount of time it took for the initial installation to take.  There was an initial timer that stated the install would take 57 minutes.  About 1 Hour and 45 minutes later the installation was complete.  I've reloaded my home computer (XP) more than a few times and with WHS and XP, I hate having to sit in front of my computer to see if there are any problems.  2 Hours for an installation is quite a long time for a novice user.

    Possibly tonight I'll activate WHS and connect one of my home computers to the box.


    Wednesday, March 14, 2007 11:35 PM

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  • 2 hrs for an installation is ok.

    don`t forget , this is a beta.

    your hdd is not so fast than hdds normaly works in a fileserver.

    this server is designed to store many files, many files need much storrage and big hdds are fast.

    my 400gb hdds do about 80mb/s

    a raid will push it to the limits of pci (118-122mb/s(the rest are protocolls))

    a faste hdd will speed it a little up

    my installtime on a vpc is as background task about 1:30 hrs (AMD 4000+, 1gb ram, 3 fast hdds)

    i dont know, but when storagedrivers will be used at installation the optimum is reached if not check your mainboard manual. it can be UDMA is only availeble in windows.

    Thursday, March 15, 2007 12:23 AM