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  • Just completed the following microsoft certified course:

    55144: SQL Server 2014 Performance Tuning and Optimization


    i'll keep it brief as to why you shouldn't do it:

    • The material by BlueBuffaloPress is absolutely atrocious. No spell-checker used (no joke). Sentences don't make sense. Elliptical explanations. One section that seems to be copy pasted from a book. The coverage of the material is terrible. For example a section i was looking ahead to - SAN - was literally one paragraph. 
    • The explanations in the material do not make sense. Luckily i had done my own reading of this so i knew much of it already
    • Any of the exercises just say "execute"..."review" over and over again with little explanation of what you should be looking for or why you are doing the exercise..... 
    • The course is only really 3 days worth of material stretched out over 5 days.....
    • There is very little in the material that shows how this can actually be applied to troubleshooting your system

    In essence if i had instead sat for 1 week with a good book i can't even imagine how much more i would have learnt...

    i'll end with one of my favourite quotes from the material:

    "what is the difference between statistics on a table and statistics on an index?"

    "There is no essential difference between the statistics on an index and the statistics on a table. They're created at different points and, unless you're creating the statistics manually yourself, they're created slightly differently"

    hmm wow thanks for that insight....so are they different or are they not?


    Friday, November 20, 2015 1:13 PM