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  • I'm trying to connect to Active Directory using ldap in c++ over SSL (port 636).I have successfully connected my client PC with the Server PC having Active Directory on the port 389. The reason I want to connect over SSL is because I would like to change and edit the password of the users. When I try to edit the attributes like "sn" I'm able to do so but not the password. So I would like to connect my client PC with the server PC over SSL and edit the password using the ldap application in c++. The application is running on a WinCE 8.0 OS. [Server PC is Windows Server 2012.]

    Below is the code that I'm using:

    string myaarray[5];
    	wstring IUserList;
    	LDAP *ldap;
    	LDAPMessage  *entry;
    	LDAPMessage *answer = NULL;
    	BerElement *ber;
    	int  result;
    	int  auth_method = LDAP_AUTH_SIMPLE;
    	int  ldap_version = LDAP_VERSION3;
    	int lv = 0;
    	int   ldap_port = 389;
    	//TCHAR ldap_dn[128] = _T("Maestrotek.Local");
    	//TCHAR  *ldap_pw = _T("Admin@123");
    	TCHAR *base_dn = _T("DC=Maestrotek,DC=Local");
    	int  scope = LDAP_SCOPE_SUBTREE;
    	TCHAR *filter = _T("(&(objectClass=user))");
    	char *attrs[] = { "memberOf", NULL };
    	int  attrsonly = 0;
    	int  entries_found = 0;
    	PWCHAR attribute;
    	PWCHAR *values;
    	int a = LDAP_PORT;
    	//if ((ldap = ldap_init(_T(""), LDAP_PORT)) == NULL) {
    	if ((ldap = ldap_sslinit(_T("WIN-J48M2AB8EMI.Maestrotek.Local"), LDAP_SSL_PORT,1)) == NULL) {
    	else {
    	result = ldap_set_option(ldap, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, &ldap_version);
    	if (result != LDAP_SUCCESS) {
    	result = ldap_set_option(ldap, LDAP_OPT_SSL, LDAP_OPT_ON);
    	result = ldap_get_option(ldap, LDAP_OPT_SSL, &lv);
    	if (result != LDAP_SUCCESS) {
    	if ((void*)lv == LDAP_OPT_ON)
    		ldap_perror(ldap, "ldap_set_option failed!");
    	TCHAR *server = _T("");
    	TCHAR *username = _T("Administrator");
    	TCHAR *password = _T("Admin@123");
    	TCHAR *DomainName = _T("Maestrotek.Local");
    	TCHAR *condition = _T("displayName");
    	l_timeval time;
    	time.tv_sec = 30;
    	time.tv_usec = 30;
    	AuthId.User = (unsigned short *)username;
    	AuthId.UserLength = _tcslen(username);
    	AuthId.Password = (unsigned short *)password;
    	AuthId.PasswordLength = _tcslen(password);
    	AuthId.Domain = (unsigned short *)DomainName;
    	AuthId.DomainLength = _tcslen(DomainName);
    #ifdef UNICODE
    	result = ldap_bind_s(ldap, (PWCHAR)AuthId.User, (PWCHAR)&AuthId,LDAP_AUTH_SIMPLE);
    	wchar_t *Password[] = { L"Rushali@123",NULL};
    	struct berval **bvalue = NULL;
    	int msgid;
    		rc = 0;
    	LDAPMod attribute2;
    	LDAPMod *list_of_attrs[2];
    	attribute2.mod_op = LDAP_MOD_REPLACE;
    	attribute2.mod_type = L"sn";
    	attribute2.mod_values = (PWCHAR*)Password;
            list_of_attrs[0] = &attribute2;
    	list_of_attrs[1]  = NULL;
    	wchar_t dnName[100] = { 0 };
    	char *dn = "CN=Rushali J. Watane,CN=Users,DC=Maestrotek,DC=Local";
    	mbstowcs(dnName, dn, 100);
    	PWCHAR dnNameval = (PWCHAR)malloc(sizeof(PWCHAR)* 20);
    	wcscpy(dnNameval, dnName);
    	result = ldap_modify_s(ldap, dnNameval, list_of_attrs);

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    I think that you post on wrong forum. Since your platform is wince 8.0 OS, you could post the issue on wince forum for better support.

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