Crash Reinstall, how to recover Office RRS feed

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  • My Windows will crash in 5 days--I know because it told me so.  Long story in a different forum, short version is Vista Home Premium lost it mind and thinks it is an Evaluation Copy and will crash in 5 days if I don't ... blah, blah, blah.  I am working in a remote part of Angola so I am not able to do the obvious: no upgrade (Microsoft Store will not sell to me --"there is a problem with your address or credit card."

      Actually I am in Angola connecting through a French server since I work for a French engineering company.  I tried the local ISP and that is worse plus the download could only be a 9 kps and it times out before anything is finished.

      I have 5 days but I go home to Bangkok in 13 days and that is when I can solve this problem. I don't want to reinstall a clean version of Vista but it looks like that is the only option. My Office is key to my work, lucky for me I have 5 days to save my work. Unlucky for me is I don't know how I can reinstall Office without it being a big F deal and call Microsoft.  I have avoided this for years but now it looks like it is the only option.

      I cannot call from Angola. The phones are not working all the time and I cannot hold for a long period.  Skype is illegal.  My VPS through the US works with Skype now, although slow, but it will be cut off in 5 days.

      What is the best way to try and reinstall Office after a crash like this.  I have always given up in the past and started over but I am tired of doing that and since I live in Bangkok there are lots of cheaper options than buying more licenses for the same software.


    Saturday, March 27, 2010 8:03 PM