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  • Brief description of what I did:  downloaded ie7 too soon, before I had checked it out enough.  I have xp home version 2002 sp3, v5755. After downloading 7, realized I had made a mistake, (among other things, only 256 mb of ram) so I downloaded the uninstaller and ran that.  It took some of my necessary files along with.  Downloaded recuva, ran for all files and folders, installed back in disk (c) and have been thru a lot of files & folders, installing sp3. Got it back, but with problems.  Long story short, I can access IE only thru "my computer" clicking on the home icon now.  I have MSN premium thru my ISP, that icon works, loading mymsn home ok, and I can click the "msn home" link on that page, and get IE browser home, but without IE toolbar. Start menu link for IE doesn't work, either.  I know lots of things are still wonky...for instance when I start "run" function typing ieplore in box, nothing happens!  Run box goes away w/o displaying any info. Last thing you need to know to offer any help...I'm a self-taught user who sat down at a pc first time the day I bought and installed this machine...April 2004.  Hinting that any help offered needs to be very detailed for me to understand.  Thank you very much ahead of time! 
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