What does Microsoft Office Home and student 2011 version from its default installation revert to after the 30 day trial period ? RRS feed

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  • My brothers two daugters had just bought new laptops and so at Cristmas we went out and bought a three install version of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2011 from PCworld. I installed the software on both of their new laptops noticign that both had preloaded versions already (trial I thought), and entered the new code number when promted and allowing the default installation rather than custom installation. I saw after instyallation that teh full version of Office professional appears to be installed which puzzled me, as that was not on the box, so opened one of the 'extra' programs to see that it opened but that it then said 30 day trial. I am confused as to what happens next after the 30 days, we did not ask for a trial of the full professional software, we just wanted to let the software that was on the box to be installed, my fear now is that after 30 days all the software might stop and perhaps need to be reinstalled or deinstalled. This would be more difficult now, as all the family members have all departed their separate ways, so sending the box disc to each one would be difficult to arrange if this was necessary. I guess I am hoping that after 30 days has passed the extra program versions that were installed (Access, Publisher etc) will no longer be usable but that the program suite for the Office Home and student 2011 will continue to work normally as per the entered key license number so that no further installation or deinstallation actions are required to be done by anyone in our family.

    Can anyone confirm this will be the case and what will happen after the 30 days is up? Thank you very much.

    Perhaps it would be better for Microsoft to ask customers during the installation process if they wanted to install the full professional suite as a trial and to let them know what happens after that time, or to choose to install the standard suite bought as per the boxed version as the default installation.

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