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  • I just bought a new Netgear ReadyNAS 2120 with the latest firmware 6.0.7 and it does not seem to be working well with Active Directory Permissions.  I am not trying to do any special at this point, just get it to work with a group that has access and another group that does not.  I have tried controlling permissions on both sides (AD and NAS) but nothing seems to work.  Anyone else having issues or have details on how both sides should be setup? 

    More details...

    1. Full access on NAS side and lock down in AD.  Does not seem to work.  Domain Admins always have full access.  Cannot lock down other than using the Everyone group. 

    2. Full access in AD and lock down on NAS.  Does not seem to work.  Domain Admins always have full access.  Ignores all blocking on the NAS, again the Everyone group from AD is all that seems to matter. 

    The only two groups that seem to make a differece are Domain Admins and Everyone.  Domain Admins always have full access.  Other access is by the Everyone group.  Other than Domain Admins, whatever I seem to do with the Everyone group runs the show.  The problem is I cannot make everyone Domain Admins to allow access, and I cannot give everyone access using the Everyone group.  I need one non-Admin group for access, and one non-Admin group that does not have access.  I started with the basics then started looking at folder owner, folder group security on the NAS, firewall, Anti-Virus, etc.  Nothing seems to make a difference. 

    Also, I can't seem to find the right forum to post this in. 

    Monday, June 10, 2013 6:51 PM