Cannot connect to WHS console RRS feed

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  • Recently configured a spare machine as a WHS box.  Everything was working fine.  However, today I cannot access the WHS console remotely.  Here are the symptoms:

    1. Run WHS console on my computer, enter the password and I get "cannot connect to the WHS..."
    2. Run Wireshark (aka Ethereal) to check what is happening to the connection.  I see that my computer tries to establish a TCP connection (to the correct IP address) on port 55000.  However, a TCP RST packet is returned, indicating that there is no service listening on port 55000.
    3. I RDP into the WHS machine, no problem.  I can run the WHS console on the WHS machine no problem.
    4. I check all the services starting with "Windows Home Server" - all running fine.
    5. I reboot the WHS box...problem still exists.
    6. I run "telnet localhost 55000" on the WHS machine to check to see if the connection attempts are being blocked - this fails, so the problem is definitely that whatever process is meant to be listening on port 55000...isn't.
    7. Nothing obviously wrong in the Event Log

    What process/service is responsible for listening for incoming connections on port 55000 on the WHS machine?

    Saturday, March 8, 2008 8:12 PM