Management Reporter 2012 Export to Excel not exporting Formulas/Totals to second (Detail) tab RRS feed

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  • Hello all,

               Does anyone know how to get Management Reporter 2012 to export formulas into the transaction detail tab (second tab) in Excel when exporting a Report?  It appears that Formulas are only exported to the summary (first tab) only and that the transaction detail tab contains all hard coded values.

    Simple example:

    1. Create a report that contains 5 rows using Account Category for each row.

    2. Create TOT row on Row 6 that totals rows 1 : 5.

    3. Run the report, being sure to include Transactions.

    4. Export the report to Excel.

    5. Excel sheet that gets created will have two tabs:

        a. Tab 1 will contain the 5 categories and a six row with a SUM(XX:XX) formula.

         b. Tab 2 will contain the underlying transactions for each Category and a line below each Category group representing the category total.  However, that total is a static number vs a SUM(XX:XX) formula.

    We are on CU16, but do see there is a newer CU16 release that adds SQL 2019 Support.  Curious if this release will resolve matters or if there is another workaround?

    Wednesday, January 29, 2020 7:06 PM