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  • Hello,

    Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, I turned on my computer to find it acting very strangely. As the boot cycle reached the point of loading the taskbar, as soon as it got to the network status icon, the whole system suddenly slowed down to a snail's pace. The network icon was frozen in the state of scanning for a network, and was totally unresponsive to mouse rollover or click. All other processes on the system, such as opening files or running programs, continued to work extremely slowly and at random times freeze altogether. Disabling the Wifi, as well as Ctrl+alt+delete also gave no response.

    After restarting the computer 3-5 times with the same results, I finally switched to Safe Mode. I knew it wasn't a hardware problem because I have a duel-boot Ubuntu OS that works perfectly fine. At that point, I made an interesting discovery: Safe Mode with networking enabled gave exactly the same problem as before, while Safe Mode without networking had no problems at all. I tried reinstalling the network drivers, but this made no difference.

    Then I used the Task Manager and Command Prompt to successively disable each of the network-related services until I found a different result. From this trial-and-error I eventually found that Netman ("Network Connections Service") was the problem. Some googling seems to suggest that no one else has had issues with Netman in the past, but posts from years ago talk about how its obsolete and should be removed.

    After setting Netman to be disabled as default, I rebooted out of Safe Mode and found everything to be completely returned to normal, except that now the internet only works on ethernet instead of Wi-Fi. 

    From this I have multiple questions: why did Netman stop functioning? how did it hose up the entire system? what is Netman used for if I can still access the internet without it running? why is there no documentation on this issue already? Most importantly, I'd like to know how I can fix whatever is wrong with Netman in order to get the Wi-Fi to start working agian. 

    If, in fact, I am the first person to document this problem, I will leave this as a help for anyone else: reboot windows in Safe Mode (without networking), open a Command Prompt and run this command 

    sc config netman start= disabled

    Spaces are important.

    Merry Christmas

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