msn.com redirects to msn japan RRS feed

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  • We recently changed internet from ATT DSL 3 Mbps to ATT U-verse 18 Mbps. As soon as our computers connected via the new 2wire gateway, msn.com was redirected to msn japan. http://jp.msn.com/iat/us_jp.aspx.  That's 5 computers.  The U-verse installation tech had not seen this before.  I called U-verse support; no help. I worked with Internet Explorer 8 help; let him log in to my computer.  The conclusion was that nothing is wrong with my computer.  All my settings are fine.  He assumes that the msn.com Japan is a feature of msn.com.  Does anyone know why I get redirected?  Could this have something to do with our connection speed of 18 Mpbs?  I live in California, with language set to English and time zone is Pacific.  msn.com is redirected to msn japan if I use google chrome, too.  I can avoid ever going to msn.com again, but that does not explain what is happening.  I have run various malware checkers, plus AVG free.  Someone at Microsoft should know why msn.com is redirected, or how I can find out.
    Tuesday, May 11, 2010 11:43 PM