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  • Trying to decide to sign up with Live OneCare after test trial but have the following questions.  I like the format but have problems with the following:


    1) Virus/spybot scan always comes back with nothing found.  This is curious as previous McAfee and several website scans have always found at least 10 to 20 various items (cookies, spybots, etc.).  No way you don't pick something up when visiting a music site.


    2) Why does my Windows Messenger still load when I turn the computer on after I have turned it off using OneCare manager.  I tried several times.  I don't use it.  It is annoying...


    3) Why doesn't OneCare remove temporary files (%temp% under Run) to help speed up computer ?  I suppose it just removes cookies ?


    I guess I'm lucky that this is all I have problems with.  Kinda scary reading what many others are experiencing.



    Sunday, August 10, 2008 1:30 AM


  • 1. One Care does not scan cookies since cookies are not malware. Body count isn't important, protection is. 


    2. If you don't use Messenger, uninstall it. If you prefer to leave Messenger installed, open Messenger>Tools>Options and uncheck "Start Messenger when Windows starts".


    3. You will always have some temp files, Windows and some programs will not run properly without the ability to create temp files. One Care cannot and should not delete temp files which are in use. Most temp files are deleted when the program that created them is closed hence the name temporary files. Other than recovering a few mb of disc space deleting temp files will not increase computer performance. Keeping temporary internet files under control will improve browsing performance but is a browser function not a One Care function. Open Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options>Advanced, scroll down to Security and check the box that says "Empty temporary internet files folder when browser is closed" and you will not have to think about temporary internet files ever again.

    Sunday, August 10, 2008 5:19 AM