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  • TITLE : Excel Hacks: Tips & Tools for Streamlining Your Spreadsheets, Second Edition
    AUTHOR : by David Hawley (Author), Raina Hawley (Author)
    PUBLISHER : O'Reilly Media publisher
    ISBN : 0596528345
    EDITION : 2nd
    PUB DATE : June 20, 2007
    LANGUAGE : English
    RLS DATE : 09/22/2007

    [ R e l e a s e N o t e s ]

    Millions of users create and share Excel spreadsheets every day, but few
    go deeply enough to learn the techniques that will make their work much
    easier. There are many ways to take advantage of Excel's advanced
    capabilities without spending hours on advanced study. Excel Hacks
    provides more than 130 hacks -- clever tools, tips and techniques --
    that will leapfrog your work beyond the ordinary. Now expanded to
    include Excel 2007, this resourceful, roll-up-your-sleeves guide gives
    you little known "backdoor" tricks for several Excel versions using
    different platforms and external applications. Think of this book as a
    toolbox. When a need arises or a problem occurs, you can simply use the
    right tool for the job. Hacks are grouped into chapters so you can find
    what you need quickly, including ways to:

    - Reduce workbook and worksheet frustration -- manage how users
    interact with worksheets, find and highlight information, and deal with
    debris and corruption.
    - Analyze and manage data -- extend and automate these features,
    moving beyond the limited tasks they were designed to perform.
    - Hack names -- learn not only how to name cells and ranges, but also
    how to create names that adapt to the data in your spreadsheet.
    - Get the most out of PivotTables -- avoid the problems that make them
    frustrating and learn how to extend them.
    - Create customized charts -- tweak and combine Excel's built-in
    charting capabilities.
    - Hack formulas and functions -- subjects range from moving formulas
    around to dealing with datatype issues to improving recalculation time.
    - Make the most of macros -- including ways to manage them and use
    them to extend other features.
    - Use the enhanced capabilities of M$ Office 2007 to combine
    Excel with Word, Access, and Outlook. You can either browse through the
    book or read it from cover to cover, studying the procedures and scripts
    to learn more about Excel. However you use it, Excel Hacks will help you
    increase productivity and give you hours of "hacking" enjoyment along
    the way.

    URL: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0596528345/



    Sunday, September 30, 2007 6:11 AM

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