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    I have to insert a logo in the excel file which is created using CreateText() method of file stream. After writing XML data in the file, I open the excel to insert a logo at the end. It is opening the excel and pasting the logo perfectly. But the problem is it is not saved properly. I have given my code below.

    Excel.Application excelApplication = null;
    Excel._Workbook workbook;

    excelApplication = new Excel.ApplicationClass();
    string fname = "D:\\datapointlogo.bmp";
    object missing = System.Reflection.Missing.Value;

    excelApplication.Visible = true;
    excelApplication.UserControl = true;
    workbook = excelApplication.Workbooks.Open(fileName, missing, missing, 5 , missing, missing
    , missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing, missing);
    Excel.Worksheet ThisSheet = (Excel.Worksheet)workbook.Sheets[1];
    Excel.Range oRange = (Excel.Range)ThisSheet.Cells[35, 1];
    Image oImage = Image.FromFile(fname);
    oRange.set_Item(35, 1, oImage);
    System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard.SetDataObject(oImage, true);
    ThisSheet.Paste(oRange, fname);

    After opening the excel file, I noticed that, File format for this excel is XMLSpreadsheet. I tried to manually change the file format in the Save As dialog and it worked fine.

    Also, Please note that, I don't want to use the following line though it works fine.

    workbook.SaveAs(fileName, Excel.XlFileFormat.xlExcel8,
    System.Reflection.Missing.Value, System.Reflection.Missing.Value,
    System.Reflection.Missing.Value, System.Reflection.Missing.Value,
    Excel.XlSaveAsAccessMode.xlNoChange, System.Reflection.Missing.Value, System.Reflection.Missing.Value,
    System.Reflection.Missing.Value, System.Reflection.Missing.Value,

    I have to change the file format without using SaveAs method. Please help me.

    Monday, November 17, 2008 7:21 AM

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    Thursday, November 20, 2008 7:20 AM