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  • I have updated CTP to RC1 and am unable to restore my Vista client. :-(

    Running the restore CD on the client, all the drives(12) and network adapters(2) are found.

    The restore wizard finds the server and asks for the password, but when entered it responds that the password is incorrect. I have changed the name on the WHS to something unique to insure that the wizard is actually finding the server, and the wizard does respond with a drop-down box to select the unique name other than the default 'server'. How does one know how the network adapter is configured? If it found the DHCP server on the router?
    If the correct IP address is being used?

    I reduced the network to only the Vista client and the WHS, removing the second network adapter, using a different router as a switch only, and insuring the network driver was installed correctly by installing the driver from a flash drive. The restore wizard fails the same way. Clicking on PASSWORD HELP, the wizard responds with two double quotes and a period instead of the correct hint text.

    The routers used on my network are Linksys WRT54G, and Linksys BEFSR41. All networks are wired.

    Network reduced
    Router swapped (DHCP Enabled)
    Adapter swapped
    Wizard fails to recognize PASSWORD
    Otherwise WHS is working fine in all other respects.

    If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it, as my Vista machine is down until I can get it restored from WHS.

    Tuesday, June 19, 2007 9:13 PM


  • Sorry Folks,

    I must be loosing it at my old age. :-(
    Can't believe I spent a whole day on the 'bug'.
    Seems I picked up the CTP restore disk instead of the RC1 disk,
    and was trying to restore from the incorrect disk. And I didn't notice it for quite some time.

    The RC1 restore appears to be working properly.


    Wednesday, June 20, 2007 1:07 AM