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  • I like to access my email from all of my PC's. To accomplish that I copied the folder containing Thunderbird's copy of the mail from my ISP to a share on the WHS and then used Account Settings to repoint Thunderbird at the copy on the WHS. Before I got the WHS I had a Buffalo NAS box which I did the same thing with. It worked for years without incident. Since I replaced the NAS box with WHS, I have had the MSF files in my Thunderbird mail folder on the WHS share corrupted on two separate occasions. I discovered that you can delete the MSF files and that Thunderbird tries to rebuild them from the raw mail files, but on each occasion while it was able to recover most of my mail, it lost all the mail in my inbox. Fortunately I keep a relatively empty inbox but I did lose a handfull of important emails. Needless to say I am somewhat concerned about the integrity of data in these WHS shared folders!

    I did take a look at the WHS event logs and found that on each occasion that something seemed to have gone wrong with the management of my Thunderbird trash folder (in both cases I was in the midst of deleting emails I no longer needed). It is not clear whether this trash folder issue was the cause or a symptom of the corruption.

    For what its worth, here's the text of the events I noticed:

    The entry <D:\SHARES\USERS\BOB\EMAIL\MAIL.OPTONLINE.NET\TRASH.MSF> in the hash map cannot be updated.

    Context: Windows Application, SystemIndex Catalog

        Unspecified error

    Since I can't afford to lose any more email, I've reluctantly moved the mail folder back to my C drive (which, while it will be safe, means I won't be able to look at my mail on another PC, which is a capability I'd hate to lose).

    A final note, I never use Thunderbird to look at my mail on more than one PC at a time (in case anyone thinks the problem is due to simultaneous access to these files from two different machines). I generally access my mail from my downstairs PC during the day and my upstairs PC at night and the PC I am not using at the time is generally in sleep mode.
    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 1:48 AM

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